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Thyroid Support Blend 3 oz.

Thyroid Support Blend 3 oz.

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This Blend was created for the healing of the Thyroid, especially if you have Hashimoto's Thyroid disease, or any other thyroid complaints. It gives you everything you need to recover from disease of the Epstein Barr viral infection. It includes all the herb's and supplements that the Medical Medium recommended for wellness. It includes the following Organic herbs: Bladdderwrack, Ashwagandha, Licorice root, Eleuthero root, Thyme, Fennel seed, and Lemon balm. Caffeine free.

Bladderwrack: Has impressive health benefit's, including it's ability to treat obesity, benefit the thyroid, improve metabolism, reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, boost circulation, protect the skin, aid vision, prevent premature aging, lower risk of cancer and strengthen heart health.

Ashwagandha benefits include; resistance to stress, possibly decreasing cortisol production. It acts on the endocrine system, by encouraging hormone balance.

Licorice root uses: It is often used to soothe gastrointestinal problems. It aids in the repair of the stomach lining and restores balance, due to stomach ulcers and food poisoning, and heartburn, due to it's anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.

 Eleuthero root other uses include; it's ability to resolve stress, increase cognitive function, boost the immune system, reduce fatigue, lower inflammation, protect heart health, prevent degenerative diseases', boost respiratory health and increase energy levels.

Thyme has a good amount of vitamin A and C. It is commonly used for bronchitis, whooping cough, sore throat, colic, arthritis, upset stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea, intestinal gas, parasitic worm infections,and skin disorders. It's also a natural diuretic and appetite stimulant.

Fennel seed contains numerous flavonoids and anti-oxident's, that remove harmful free radical's from the body, offering protection from cancer, infections, aging and degenerative neurological diseases'. It helps lower cholesterol (LDL). It contains many minerals, like; copper, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc and magnesium. 

Lemon balm has many, many benefits. It Protects against heart and liver problems. It is a natural antibacterial agent. It can improve mood, concentration and sleep. It fight's herpes, naturally. It's a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It can regulate overactive thyroid and may aid digestion.

Approximately 45 serving's a bag