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Migraine Support Blend 3 oz.

Migraine Support Blend 3 oz.

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This Beautiful, Organic, herbal blend is designed precisely to heal your body of Migraine's, and combat the Epstein Barr virus, as this is often the culprit behind them. The amazing herbs used are: Chrysanthemum, Feverfew, White Willow bark, Rosemary leaf, Skull cap and Valerian root. These herb's used as a tea blend are such a cost effective way to get these medicinal herbs in your body and working for your overall best health and well being. Caffeine free. Enjoy!

Chrysanthemum is primarily used to treat chest pain (angina), high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, fever, cold, headache, dizziness and swelling.

Feverfew is traditionally used for the treatment of fever's, migraine's, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach ache's, toothache's, insect bite's, infertility and problem's with menstruation.

White Willow bark is the original natural aspirin. It's been used for millenia for natural pain relief, reducing fever and inflammation, which is great for rheumatoid arthritis.

Rosemary leaf is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. It improve's digestion, enhances memory and concentration, neurological protection, prevent brain aging, cancer and protect's against macular degeneration.

Skull cap has been helpful in treating symptom's of withdrawal from barbiturate's and tranquilizer's. It may also be useful to promote menstruation. It can treat throat infection's, due to it's anti-spasmodic and sedative effect's. 

Valerian root naturally aid's in sleep, calm's anxiety, lower's blood pressure, ease's menstrual cramps and improve's stress management. 

Approximately 54 serving's a bag