The Inspiration behind Cleanse Teas'

I wanted to share the wonderful story behind this company, as I am thrilled to be alive. As a Nurse, former Therapist and Author, specializing in Chronic Fatigue conditions, I found myself on home health, physical therapy, oxygen and bed bound, due to severe allergies and severe weakness last summer, for a condition the Dr's called, Mast Cell (Mastocytosis) disease.I had suffered with it for over five years, but it was getting worse. Point blank, I was dying! I could no longer be in this world, without severe allergic reactions, difficulty breathing and swallowing, swollen face, tongue and throat, weakness, and constant headache's. I was allergic to so many things, including: food, medications, perfume, cleaner's, dryer sheets, pollution, etc. The list went on... The Dr's were doing what they could, but they knew little, if anything, about my condition, I had also suffered with fibromyalgia years before, and had also been diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroid disease in 1999 too. I discovered the book, Medical Medium, in the nick of time. According to the information, I REALLY had Stage 4 Epstein Barr virus and the Shingles virus. I started on his suggested diet, supplements and herbal remedies. I ordered the suggested herb's for all the tea blends. Needless to say, it was expensive and I had difficulty finding them all. I used 19 vendor's for the herb's. I thought to myself, "There's got to be an easier and more cost efficient way"? Well, now there is. I also discovered that getting the suggested supplements that came in herbal form, was much more cost effective, if used as tea. If any of you have been diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headache's, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto's thyroid disease, unexplained neuropathy, sudden onset sensitivities, sudden onset asthma, multiple anaphylaxis, unexplained weakness, unexplained rashes, lyme disease, unexplained female fertility issues or lupus, and many more chronic complaints, please get the book, Medical Medium by Anthony William. The Hashimoto's disease was stage 3 of the Epstein Barr virus. Obviously, when I no longer had it, the virus had gone dormant. It came roaring back now, the final stage 4, when we remodeled our home 5 year's earlier, and I progressively got worse. All the chemicals from my diet, air, home and stress, that went along with the remodeling, were the catalyst. I am forever grateful to have come across this information when I did, I didn't expect to be here this 2017 Holiday Season. These Cleanse Tea blends and Support Tea Blends have been a huge part of my recovery. I was toldĀ  to SHOUT this information from the rooftop's. This is my way of doing so, especially while I am still recovering myself. It gives me a real purpose again, as I still have awhile to go, but I am off of Home Health, Physical Therapy and Oxygen. Slowly, I am getting my life and health back. I bless you on your personal wellness journey too. Knowledge is power!